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The Golden Collie is a large-sized cross of the Golden Retriever and Border Collie, noted for its affectionate and adorable nature. They are sturdy with a long face, elongated snout, hanging ears, almond-shaped eyes, black nose, and a shaggy tail. Golden Collie Pictures Temperament and Behavior The intelligent Golden Collies have a pleasant. So, the Black German Shepherd mix has resulted in other breeds of dogs like Pugs, Collies, Huskies, and more. This cross breeding is done to bring out the best qualities of both the dog breeds. For Example, the Retriever which is a mix between a Black German shepherd and a Golden Retriever. Also known as the Borador, this border collie lab mix, despite sounding like a holiday destination, is actually the most reliable dog you could wish for. This intelligent and loving canine is the result of mating a Labrador Retriever with a Border Collie. Size: Border collie lab mix is a medium to large sized dog grows up to 15-17 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 35-65 pounds. Border Collie coat and Colors: Labrador collie mix comes in black and white markings, similar to their Border Collie.

See more ideas about Collie mix, Collie and Flat coated retriever. Collie mix. She's A Border Collie Mix she's black with White paws White Chest White stripe down her nose, pointy ears Long snout, she only will come to females most likely. Her name is Diamond. PawMaw Official. The borador typically appears as a mix of both breeds, with the black and white coat of the border collie or a predominately black Lab or golden Lab coloring with white markings on the face, chest and feet. If your borador leans more to the Lab side of the family, he'll probably shed quite a bit. The first generation Border Collie / Flat-Coated Retriever Mix is a cross between a pure Border Collie and a pure Flat-Coated Retriever, although subsequent generations may have different proportions of the two breeds in the mix. While not a common mix, you may occasionally encounter it in shelters or rescues. Appearance / health. The coat of the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix can be rough, dense, and corded like that of a Border Collie or it can be thick and water repellent like that Golden Retriever. They may have a variety of different coat colors, including white, black, yellow, golden, chocolate, and brown. The Border Collie Golden Retriever Temperament.

The Flat Coated Retriever Border Collie Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Border Collie and the Flat Coated Retriever. Both of these dogs are friendly and most Flat Coated Retrievers are of course bird dogs. What does this mixed breed look and act like? Is it more like the Border Collie or the Flat Coated Retriever? Those. 16/06/2017 · The Labrador retriever and border collie are both intelligent, willing to work and energetic; however, they channel their efforts in very different ways. If you adopt a border collie and Labrador retriever mix, it will take some time to learn which genes reign supreme. No matter what wins out, count. If your work requires you to be outside of your home for more than eight hours, think again if you will be able to raise the said mix. A Golden Retriever Border Collie mix can have separation anxiety once they are left alone for an extended period. On the Border Collie side, you have a dog that is highly intelligent and eager to learn. They are generally difficult for the average person to train, so you will want to enroll in obedience and training classes with your Border Collie Mix puppy regardless of the other parent breed.

Zwei beliebte Hunderassen, der Golden Retriever und der Border Collie, bilden zusammen den Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix. Der Goldene Border Collie vereint die Intelligenz des Golden Retriever und des Border Collie und schmerzt in der Gehirnabteilung nicht. Der Golden Retriever Border Collie-Mix gilt als Arbeitshund und Sporthund. List of Labrador Retriever mixed breed dogs. Links going to dogs mixed with the Lab with dog information and pictures. But one of the smartest and most elegant is the Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix. These lovely dogs come from two very easy to train canine breeds and can easily be worked with. In fact, many dog trainers are starting to train these dogs as service animals. The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix, aka Shollie, is a gentle, loyal, and protective pet. They are a good choice for first time owners who can give them lots of play to keep them happy and healthy. She will astound you with her intelligence and shower you with affection. Find out more!

The Secret of BORDER COLLIE LAB MIX Borador

Also known as the Golden Border Retriever, the Golden Retriever Border Collie mix is a responsible and a loyal breed. This breed is known to be extremely active and can live up to ten to fifteen years. It can be trained easily, thanks to its intelligence, and can be used as a working dog, guard dog, watch dog, or just as a member of your family. Border Collie Mix - such a handsome puppy! Black And White Border Collie Lab Mix my lil Susie These Border Collies are the Poster-Pups for Being Happy. Golden Retriever/Boarder Collie Mix.

See more ideas about Collie mix, Collie and Flat coated retriever. 20 May 2017- Explore samuelbarton's board "Collie mix" on Pinterest. -Neck longsleeveteeunisex sweatshirtunisex YouthTee giveawaycoupons puppy border collie, australian shepherd border collie mix, black border bordercolliesofinstgram bordercolliedaily bordercolliepuppy. Posts about golden retriever/border collie mix written by retrieverman golden retriever border collie - this looks just like my Finn Finn Please spread the word! Cooper was last seen in Hartman, AR Nearest Address: Near Patton Ln & Old Hwy 64 Uh oh. Appears Buddy is retriever/border mix not lab/border mix black retrievers look so dark.

The healthy Black retriever can weigh between 70 to 76 pounds. Most of its physical properties are like the Traditional Golden retrievers just the difference is in the colour and minor other differences. The Black Golden share the same temperament as the traditional Golden retrievers. Collie Mix puppies for sale! These energetic, loving Collie Mix puppies are a great fit for families. They like to work and love to please their owners.

Is a Border Collie / Flat-Coated Retriever Mix.

So you can find a border collie golden retriever mix standing anyway between a range of the sizes. It’s also interesting to look at the color of these dogs too. As you will find some of them taking the color of the Golden whilst others to have a mix of white and black from the border collie. Apr 9, 2019- Flat Coated Retriever / Border Collie Mixes and Shyla Look Alike Dogs. See more ideas about Flat coated retriever, Dogs and Border collie mix. See more ideas about Collie mix, Collie and Flat coated retriever. 20 May 2017- Explore samuelbarton's board "Collie mix" on Pinterest. I love my black lab, collie mix. But cars can't see her at night. And dog vests are just too small. So I designed, and print, my own reflective t-shirts.

Border Collie German Shepherd mixes are a result of crossing a purebred GSD with a purebred Border Collie. German shepherd collie mix temperament. As with any mixed breed, it’s difficult to say exactly how the offspring of two purebred dogs will turn out in terms of looks, health and temperament. Several years ago, someone started a designer breed by crossing sable collies with golden retrievers. The results were mostly black dogs that looked something like border collies crossed with flat-coated retrievers. The breed folded because they did not understand the genetics of coat color. Everyone wanted a golden collie dog, not a black dog.

The Border Collie mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineage. One way to determine the ancestry of your mixed breed is through a DNA test. Though DNA testing has become more readily available, it is still met with much skepticism on its accuracy. Find Border Collies for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption.. A Labrador retriever crossed with a long-haired border collie would most likely be smooth-haired. So if one finds a black dog dog that has retriever and border collie features, it is most likely a golden retriever/border collie cross, not a Lab and border collie cross.

See more ideas about Collie mix, Collie and Flat coated retriever. -Neck longsleeveteeunisex sweatshirtunisex YouthTee giveawaycoupons puppy border collie, australian shepherd border collie mix, black border bordercolliesofinstgram bordercolliedaily bordercolliepuppy.

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